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Medical Malpractice

Thousands of medical errors occur each year. When injury or death is caused by medical malpractice through negligence or failure to meet the standard of care, you or your loved ones should be compensated for all damages suffered. Examples of medical malpractice may be as obvious as a doctor operating on the wrong body part or leaving a surgical instrument in the patient’s body, or less obvious, such as a failure to diagnose a condition early enough to effectively treat it. Of course, these are only a few examples of thousands of possible forms malpractice can take. If you believe you have been injured by the treatment (or failure to treat) of a doctor, you should contact an attorney to help determine if malpractice in fact caused your injury. Keep in mind, however, that medicine is an imperfect science. The fact that you have an unexpected or unfavorable result does not necessarily mean that malpractice occurred. Many unexpected or unfavorable results are considered “acceptable risks” of surgery or treatment and are not considered to be malpractice. In order to determine if there is negligence on behalf of the physician, most of the time it is necessary that a medical expert is retained to review the medical records and to consult with the attorney.

Medical malpractice claims are typically complex, expensive and difficult cases for a number of reasons, such as: These cases are extremely expensive to investigate, develop, and take to trial; jurors generally like doctors and are hesitant to find them at fault; malpractice insurance companies will fight these claims to the end; and malpractice can be difficult to prove. Please review my Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the medical malpractice claim process.

Because of the complexity and difficulty of these cases, it is vitally important to thoroughly investigate and speak to an experienced attorney early in the process. If you would like my analysis of your claim and to discuss possible representation of you, please call for a FREE CONSULTATION.