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When a loved one dies and has property titled in his/her name, a legal process known as “probate” will be needed to transfer his/her property to the intended recipients. Most people have heard the word "probate," and to many it has acquired a bad name. To them it means a slow, expensive process to pass the estate assets to their rightful successors. While this characterization is true in part, it has been blown far out of proportion and is mostly untrue.

Probate should be, and usually is, an orderly legal process whereby a court oversees the distribution of assets left by the deceased person. These assets will be distributed based on the will of the deceased person. Or, in the absence of a will, the assets will be distributed to the deceased person’s heirs, as defined by the State of Oregon. I help many people through the probate process every year. Most of the time, at the end of the probate process, my clients tell me that the process was not nearly as bad as they had heard. Please feel free to contact my office to arrange for a consultation about probate.