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Litigation is when a person resorts to the courts to resolve a legal question or dispute. The court system is not user-friendly, in that non-lawyers seldom understand how it works, as well as the time and form restrictions that it places upon them. As such, it is almost always advisable for a person involved in litigation to retain counsel to protect that person’s interest. Unfortunately, the legal system is cumbersome and expensive, and even though the client has a meritorious case, the costs of retaining an experienced attorney sometimes outweigh the potential value to the client even if the case is won. I assure you I will evaluate your case both from a merit perspective, as well as from the perspective as to whether I think it will be cost effective to bring the action, no matter how meritorious your case is. While no ethical attorney can guarantee he will win or that the attorney’s fees will not outweigh the amount won, I will not take your case unless I believe I can win your case, and that I can do so in a cost effective manner. If you would like to discuss your litigation matter, please feel free to call to schedule an appointment for a consultation.