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Construction Contracts

Whether you are the home owner or the builder, and regardless of whether you anticipate a small remodel or construction of a home from the ground up, it is important to reduce your agreement with the other party to a written and signed contract. Too often the construction project develops over time as the home owner and the builder discuss their respective visions of the project, and when they believe they have come to one vision they simply commence the project. Particularly with small remodels, as opposed to new construction, the project is commenced without a formal agreement setting forth the specific understandings of the parties. With many projects that is not a problem because the construction is completed as both parties anticipated, and payment in full is made in a timely fashion. That is the best-case scenario. My experience has taught me to hope for the best-case scenario, but plan for the worst. Often, while the parties believe they have come to one vision of the project, they learn after the fact that their visions differed in one or more respects, and that there is no clear answer as to which vision is correct. Whether you use me, or another attorney, be sure the terms and conditions of your construction project are reduced to a written agreement signed by both parties. Please contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your construction contract matter.